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Q. What is Flip Classroom?

A. Flip Classroom is a modern and innovative learning model that has completely reversed the traditional form of learning. In this model, students learn by way of accessing course content at home rather than classroom training, and solve problems in the training session under expert guidance.

Q. How is it different from traditional classroom training?

A. While traditional classrooms have the teacher giving lectures in class and homework or problem solving at home, a flip classroom is exactly the opposite. Here students study concepts at home and problem solving sessions are conducted in the classroom under the guidance of an instructor. The idea is to turn classrooms into labs and studios, while preserving content delivery as well.

Q. What is Koenig Flip Classroom?

A. Koenig Flip Classroom teaching pedagogy gives students access to the best courseware right in the comfort of their homes. Learners study the courseware before attending the class, wherein, all their doubts are cleared by expert trainers in a 1-on-1 Live environment.

Q. How does an online lecture provide practical knowledge in this case?

A. With Koenig Flip Classroom, students are exposed to practical learning via access to online labs. This means that you get real world applicable knowledge without having the need to travel to faraway places for lab training. Even when the course is over, we offer access to online labs for an extended period of time.

Q. How is Koenig Flip Classroom different from Koenig Live Virtual Classroom?

A. Koenig Live Virtual Classroom is simply classroom training taken online. However, Flip Classroom is for those who are self learners and only require experts to guide them in the right direction, mentor them, clear their doubts and aid them in achieving their goals.

Q.What are the benefits of Flip Classroom?

A. Benefits of Flip Classroom : Students take lectures at home through lessons created by the instructor, thus leaving room for one-to-one discussion, individual problem solving, community discussions,and targeted teaching during the training session. There are students who are silently struggling with concepts and do not ask many questions. This method allows teachers to easily identify slow learners and give them more focused attention. A focus on expert aided practical learning helps students to grasp concepts better and also become proficient in applying their knowledge in the real world. Core specialization and concept mastery can be achieved with collaborative hands on classroom training. Students can learn from online lessons in their own pace and comfort, pausing or rewinding whenever required. Students today are more techno savvy and video learning methods are more engaging than traditional classroom teaching. Students are provided access to online labs for practical learning.

Q. How does Koenig Flip Classroom work?

A. Koenig Flip Classroom follows a 100% interactive and adaptive approach to give learners the freedom to learn in a cloud based environment. Here, students are just a click away from official courseware and core trainer expertise. They learn on their own using courseware provided by Koenig, and then they brainstorm and discuss those concepts with the trainer for more clarity and better understanding.

Q. What if I need to ask a question to clear my doubts?

A. Koenig Flip Classroom does not simply provide pre-recorded videos for students to follow on their own. Instead, it promotes two-way communication between student and trainer who interact exactly as if in a traditional classroom. The only difference is that students study the concepts before the lectures are given on video chat. You can ask a question to clear your doubts anytime during the course of the session.

Q. What technology is required to start learning through Flip Classroom?

A. You just need a high speed internet connection that streams video efficiently. It will equip you for your flip class to be conducted in a video chat with your trainer on the other side.

Q. Is it as effective as classroom training?

A. Yes, even more so. The ability to learn directly from the instructor and saving recorded lectures for later review, gives this model an edge over traditional forms of learning.

Q. Are there any statistics available on the effectiveness of flipped classrooms?

A. This method is still in its nascent stage and being experimented by various educational institutions and schools world over. A 2011 study at University of British Columbia revealed that students taught using flip classroom did twice as well as those who were taught through class lectures. Another 2006 research by a school showed that math pass rate was 30% before introducing flipped learning, post which the success rate of students reached 74%.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The best reason to opt for Koenig Flip Classroom is cost and convenience. You save travel expenses and accommodation charges, thus a typical course in this mode may cost 50% of the same course in classroom training mode.

Q. What is the difference between the new Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE 2012) & the old Microsoft Certified System Engineer Certification (MCSE 2003)?

A. The old MCSE is on the platform of Windows Server 2003, as the new MCSE is on the platform of Server 2012 and latest versions of Technology products like exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013, etc. The Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE 2012) certification focuses on the ability to design and build technology solutions, which may include integrating multiple technology products and span multiple versions of a single technology, whether on-premises or in the cloud. The previous Microsoft Certified System Engineer certifications (MCSE 2003) focused on a specific job role.

Q. What happens to my retired Microsoft Certified System Engineer Certification ?

A. The Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification will remain on your transcript and may be designated a "legacy" certification.
Note: This technology is no longer supported by Microsoft's mainstream support. We recommend you pursue a certification on current technology