A 2011 study co-authored by nobel laureate Carl Wieman at the University of British Columbia showed that students taught through a highly interactive "flipped classroom" approach did nearly twice as well as peers taught via traditional lectures. Read more in Time Magazine.

This is also known as flipping the classroom and reverse teaching. Read more on Wikipedia.

Flip Classroom is a modern and innovative learning model that has completely reversed the traditional form of learning. In this model, students learn by way of accessing course content at home rather than classroom training, and solve problems in the training session under expert guidance.

Benefits of Microsoft Certifications from Koenig Flip Classroom Training

  • Increase in Career & Promotional Opportunities
  • Train Anywhere & Anytime
  • Labs Online 24x7
  • Create your own Study schedule that suits you
  • Digital Courseware
  • Well Qualified, Experienced Certified Instructor Support- on -Demand
  • Save Airfare & Visa Cost
  • Exam Preparation Assistance

Why Koenig Flip Classroom is better than classroom training?

100% interactive and 100% adaptive

Revise classes using recordings

No need to take leave from work